A Taste of Goddess Judicci’s “Revealing Beauty: The Tree and The Body”


Goddess Judicci’s “Revealing Beauty:
The Tree and The Body”

Goddess_JuddicciI take my knife and cut into her bark, stripping it away to reveal pale moist, pliant green.

Her inner surface smells fresh, alive as she wets my fingers.

I see where her eyes are, her mouth. I think of my lover’s sweet lips – and wonder,

will she leave me … and when.

I begin carving to work out my feelings:

the resentment, fear, the wondering what my future will be without my beautiful young lover.

I gently press my gouge through the trees’ bark into her flesh,

exaggerating her naturally existing curves, discovering her inner beauty.

The ancient animal begins to take form;

as I carve I begin to see Egyptian-shaped eyes and a proud, noble snout.

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