11 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

11 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

Sensheant Magazine Interviews Lindsay Hagmen and Dr. SerenaGaia, Cont’d . . .

Q #8

SM: Throughout your intro, you seamlessly point us to our next movement of consciousness. I’m in! I’m convinced! We’re claiming our sexuality and autonomy, taking better care of our bodies, expanding our notions of what love (and spirituality) can be. But we’ve left out much of community (other than us fighting for the rights of others for their sexual safety and expression) and ecology has stayed completely out of the picture as a bedfellow. Moving past fantasy, after having compiled these leaders’ works, can you map out our ecosexual terrain twenty years from now?

SerenaGaia: Twenty years from now many more people will be living lives organized around the principles of intentional families and intentional communities. handsPeople will be sharing resources, including resources of love, at a much higher rate than they do now. There will be fewer resources due to the degradations of the environment produced by the extractive industries and savage capitalism. But people will be more competent in the arts of sharing these resources, and sharing existing resources will make these resources more abundant.

It is important for the ecosexual movement to expand horizontally and rhizomtically, forming networks that are resilient because they are multicentered and multifunctional. It is important to focus on ecosexuality as a practice that is symbiotic with practices that come from indigenity, social and racial justice, environmental stewardship, renewable energy production, tantra, permaculture, polyamory, fluid sexuality, and spiritualities that recognize the plurality, embodiedness, multiplicity, and ubiquitousness of the divine. It is also important to avoid excessive emphasis on identity and on consumer products in relation to

Lindsay: To continue with SerenaGaia’s train of thought, in twenty years from now, individuals in these chosen families and communities will be leading more emotionally, spiritually and physically fulfilling lives, lives filled with purpose and passion that grows from a close relationship to the Earth and each other. This handfasting2014-20emotional abundance will reduce the desire for consuming the commercial products that are destroying habitat and creating pollution.

There will be less “need” to buy this product or that product, and instead more time and energy will be spent in connection with the Earth, with each other, and our own creative and spiritual processes. There will be more awareness of the sacred instilled in Life itself and a desire to protect, with humble gratitude, this sacred Earth.

We will be seeing a significant shift away from being consumers towards being producers and creators: creators of our own food and energy, but also creators of our own entertainment, love and belonging. If the ecosexual movement is successful in its diverse and integrated efforts, love will be a renewable resource that flows freely through communities, inspiring care and attention for the lands that nourish us and for the many individuals who tend to those lands.


Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love.

Edited with an Introduction by SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio and Lindsay Hagamen. Puerto Rico: 3WayKiss through CreateSpace, June 2015. www.ecosexbook.org

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