7 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

7 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

Sensheant Magazine Interviews Lindsay Hagmen and Dr. SerenaGaia, Cont’d . . .

SM: Can you tell us a little about the Ecosex Manifesto? And what are the ecosexual vows for a wedding?
Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

SG: The Ecosex Manifesto 1.0 was put out by two avatars of the movement, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, as they embarked in the epic series of ecosexual weddings over a period of seven years (2005-2011). It is an artistic manifesto as well as a political, activist and theoretical one. Why? Because a practice of ecosexuality is recognizing the arts and humanities as sciences that help us invent the belief systems we need. We have too long relegated the arts and humanities to a realm of knowledge subordinate to “science.”

This is a major mistake that could cost our species its life. We are stuck with old belief systems and need to invent new ones. This is what philosophers call “epistemology.” We need to replace the belief that natural resources are there to serve us. We have enslaved nature, with many of its naturally free species reduced to captive ones, and we also continue to treat many human communities with the same disrespect.We need to accept that nature has a life of its own, that this collective life is much more powerful than any of the species or privileged groups that form the fabric of life. Intelligence is no good to us without the belief systems that operate from a love for life.

imagesLH: The work of Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle is truly remarkable. With their Ecosex Manifesto 1.0, they have been able to speak to and draw out an undercurrent that is flowing through many people in the U.S. and around the world. By declaring Earth as Lover, they started to shift a key metaphor that guides the cultural practices and perspectives of millions of people.

A good lover reciprocates pleasure and respects their partner. A good lover spends time learning the landscape of the body and what kind of touch brings pleasure. Embracing a new mythology that inspires attention, care and respect for the planet and its diverse ecosystems, including human ecosystems, is perhaps the most potent path we can choose in this great time of crisis. One of the many ways ecosexuality is manifesting is through individuals, couples, polyamorous networks, and communities declaring their love and commitment to specific ecosystems through ecosexual weddings.


Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love.

Edited with an Introduction by SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio and Lindsay Hagamen. Puerto Rico: 3WayKiss through CreateSpace, June 2015. www.ecosexbook.org

Post 7 of 11 in the The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution Series, to be continued . . . .

Stay tuned for the juicy details of this interview, when Lindsay and Dr. SerenaGaia answer Sensheant’s salacious and deep probing questions.  We will be back on Wednesday next week.

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