8 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

8 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

Sensheant Magazine Interviews Lindsay Hagamen and Dr. SerenaGaia, Cont’d . . .

Q #5

SM: So, is this the most political sexual movement? The ultimate expression of interdependence?

SG: I would say it is. Sex, consciousness, choice, love, began with bacteria about four billion years ago­–as affirmed by late and major advocate of Gaia theory,Bast5-27-NatureInspiresAofL copy Lynn Margulis. The friendly bacteria living inside us are having sex with one another right now as we speak. When we become aware of this, we may as well agree that sexual energy is so pervasive that it is the very fabric of life.

Revering, channeling and navigating this energetic flow and allowing it to organize our existence is the measure of our ability to be symbiotic with one another and interdependent with others. It is the ultimate political act.

LH: I agree. Humans are part of, not set apart from, nature. Sex is power and pleasure integrated into an evolutionary elixir that ensures Life will go on.

It is because of this revolutionary power that sexuality is feared and suppressed. We are taught to contain it, tame it, so that others can control us and sell back our sexuality as a means to drive the consumerism that is undermining the living canyon6 copyEarth.

We are drawn to come together, in union, not to fight each other in everlasting wars over resources once abundant but now scarce because of greed. Every person knows this in the marrow of their bones.

Ecosexuality says we choose to use the revolutionary power in a way that brings us pleasure and enhances Life itself, to bring people together in peace, to steward and protect wild lands, rivers and mountains. Ecosexuality offers a container for fundamentally shifting how we relate to ourselves, the Earth and each other in powerful and pleasurable ways. Ecosexuality empowers us into service and win­-win partnerships that support Life and this living Earth.


Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love.

Edited with an Introduction by SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio and Lindsay Hagamen. Puerto Rico: 3WayKiss through CreateSpace, June 2015. www.ecosexbook.org

Post 8 of 11 in the The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution Series, to be continued . . . .

Stay tuned for the juicy details of this interview, when Lindsay and Dr. SerenaGaia answer Sensheant’s salacious and deep probing questions.  We will be back on Wednesday next week.

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We gratefully acknowledge Rebecca Church and her team at Sensheant Magazine.  This interview will appear in a forthcoming issue.  We send our warm thanks to our interviewer, Cynthia Spence, and congratulate the team on their beautiful and brave initiative.  Connect with Sensheant here.

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