9 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

9 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

–Sensheant Magazine Interviews Lindsay Hagmen and Dr. SerenaGaia, Cont’d . . .

–Q # 6

Sensheant Magazine: The folks who you work and play with — they’re finding vitality in solutions where most feel numb and jaded by the environmental, social and political shenanigans witnessed daily, glassy-eyed in front of our TVs. Can you speak to the connection between that numbness and sexual disempowerment that can occur as we witness our planet in crisis?

Dr. SerenaGaia: Yes. When the energy of love is feared, it runs. It leaves behind a trail of fear, pain, and suffering. The consequence is endangered life. The twentieth century, they say, was the age of anxiety. Because for the first time in recorded history, humankind was saddled with the power to destroy life. One species had become too powerful for its own good and for the good of life itself. What a bummer!

Tamera4-CourtesySabineLichtenfels(1) copy
Ceremony at Tamera, Portugal, courtesy of Sabine Lichtenfels

How do we overcome the consequences of this extreme power? As Bill McKibben asks, “is the big brain attached to a heart big enough to save life?”

With ecosexuality we can stop being afraid of love and refuse to criminalize it. We can allow nature to inspire us as we become students in the arts of love.

Lindsay Hagamen: There’s an ever-growing scientific understanding of the connection

2-21.OxytocinOhmHug copy
Oxytocin Group Hug on Playa Azul, Puerto Rico

between our sexuality and the rest of our lives. For example, the hormones released during orgasm, including oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, support enhanced creativity and self-confidence. So when we are fully expressing our sexuality, when we are experiencing pleasure frequently and abundantly, we become more alive, more empowered and more capable versions of ourselves. Science is beginning to back up this ancient body wisdom.

    When the flow of life energy in our bodies is stifled, when our creative desires are

KamalaDevi Polyamory Pod copy
Photo: courtesy of KamalaDevi

dampened and when we feel disempowered sexually, it permeates through the rest of our lives. There is a lot of distress in our world that can create a sense of despair. Sexual empowerment is not going to magically change the political, economic or environmental    crisis, but it will enable us to respond to challenges in a more holistic manner. When the basic human needs for love and belonging, touch and pleasure are well met, we are better equipped to think expansively and abundantly towards win-win solutions rather than making critical decisions for humanity and life on this planet based on fear or from a place of scarcity.

Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love.

Edited with an Introduction by SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio and Lindsay Hagamen. Puerto Rico: 3WayKiss through CreateSpace, June 2015. www.ecosexbook.org

Post 9 of 11 in the The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution Series, to be continued . . . .

Stay tuned for the juicy details of this interview, when Lindsay and Dr. SerenaGaia answer Sensheant’s salacious and deep probing questions.  We will be back on Wednesday next week.

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We gratefully acknowledge Rebecca Church and her team at Sensheant Magazine.  This interview will appear in a forthcoming issue.  We send our warm thanks to our interviewer, Cynthia Spence, and congratulate the team on their beautiful and brave initiative.  Connect with Sensheant here.


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