A Taste of EcoSexual Vows to Gaia on Playa Azul

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SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio
and the Playa Azul Team’s
EcoSexual Vows to Gaia on Playa Azul


Dr. Anya Trahan: Invocation

We come to Playa Azul to bring the multiplicity and dynamism of our relationships to light.

The vital energies of the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean have conspired to create Playa. She is such a beautiful bride! The waves of the Caribbean caress the shore and the breeze whispers sweet words in her ears.


SerenaGaia and all Others: Vows

As followers of natural love: we recognize the divine essence of every human being.

As participants in EcoSexuality we extend this essence to all existence.

We connect our inner landscape and its multicolored chakras with the natural elements, the forces of nature that surround us.

We declare our love for the seas, the rivers, the mountains, the skies, the Moon, the Earth, the planets, the Sun, the plants, the animals, the microbes that makes us and other humans alive.

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