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Book Excerpts Ecosexual Love as a Resource for Social Change

A Taste of SerenaGaia’s “Talking with Gaia: What Is Ecosexual Love?”


SerenaGaia’s “Talking with Gaia:
What Is Ecosexual Love?”


Why this dialog? Serena and Gaia are two parts of me that speak together. . . . The dialog is the vanishing point where they become the same.  This happens to all of us. That’s why the dialog. It’s for you.  Namaste.

Serena: Gaia, you claim love is an art. I don’t understand. The world believes love is a need and an instinct. You seem to believe otherwise. What makes you think you know better?

Gaia: I don’t think I know better. I simply propose another interpretation.

Serena: Ok, I can appreciate that. Let me ask you to explain then. What’s great about interpreting love as an art?

Gaia: Serena, it’s simple. Interpreting love as an art creates more love for love.

Serena: Love for Love?

Gaia: More abundance of love. More “erotophilia” as the experts put it.

Serena: It’s an interesting possibility. But how does it happen? I’m still confused. Can you be more specific?

Gaia: Sure. Look at it this way. Need creates scarcity. And when we come from a place of scarcity we are in a state of fear. We can only love when fear disappears. Fear is the true enemy: the true opposite of love. So the last thing we want is to interpret love as a need. The next worst thing is to interpret love as an instinct. We are afraid of instincts because we think “out-of-control.” And this produces fear. To generate love we need to interpret love very differently. What is it that people love, want, cherish in abundance? What is it that they’d like to learn if time permitted? The answer is art. Art is something that makes people happy, creative, expansive. It makes them feel happy to be alive.

Serena: But Gaia, if love is an art then it’s also a fiction: a deception, a performance. It becomes a game. It can’t be authentic, can it?

Gaia: There is authenticity in a good performance, Serena. The poetic truth: as they say. The quality of a performance has to do with how well one believes in it as an expression of truth beyond the performance itself.Why this dialog? Serena and Gaia are two parts of me that speak together.

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