A Taste of Montano’s Interview with Dumit Estevez on “Guilt and Pleasure”


Montano’s Interview with Dumit Estevez on

“Guilt and Pleasure”

Linda_MontanoLinda Mary Montano interviews Nicolás Dumit Estévez about “the shared religion of their youth, Roman Catholicism, and its interface with nature, the earth and current ecological concerns, issues and insights.”

Estévez grew up in a culturally diverse home rich in syncretic spiritual identities and beliefs; Montano was raised a strict Roman Catholic, was in a convent for two years and is presently a returned and practicing Catholic. They share struggles and successes in their spiritual practices that inform their lives and art. This interview is an attempt to open the door to further freedoms and birthrights.

LMM:  I will begin with a question that arises for me when I think of kindness, the earth, guilt, fear and religion!

. . . . .

NDE: I can’t say that I ever was, or that I am completely guilt free, but as a child I had freedom in how I related to spirituality and nature.

. . . . .

I was raised in a home where there was a coming together of different religions. My mother and father were, to some extent, practicing Roman Catholics. We would attend mass once in a blue moon, but we were also involved with Afro-Caribbean spiritualities, and with unorthodox acts that were deemed as brujería, or witchcraft. However . . .


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