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Andrew Schreiber

Contributed Pieces:Till Death Brings Us Closer Together Forever‘ & Book Cover and Website Design

Andrew Schreiber lives a land-based life in dryland forest in the eastern foothills of the Cascades—developing, implementing and teaching permaculture, ecological agriculture, animal husbandry and traditional land-based skills necessary for the transition to a sustainable culture. Since its inception by Lindsay Hagamen and Rev. Teri Ciacchi in 2012, Andrew has contributed to the development of the annual EcoSex Convergence.

As a child of the Sonoran desert, he has a fondness and love for discarded and marginal places. Having witnessed their beauty and fragility first hand as a conservation worker and trail builder in the South-western United States, he believes that our greatest potential for learning how to love the Earth comes from assisting nature repair itself in human-damaged and desertified lands.

He considers his life’s work to rediscover, model and teach about life-ways which provide for our needs (whether for food, love, death-care or otherwise) from the local ecosystems we call home, while stewarding the regeneration of abundant agro-ecological life supporting systems. From artistic expression, to spiritual exploration, communitarian living to sustainability research, Andrew believes in the power of our everyday decisions to change the world.

Andrew regularly contributes his research, observations and musings to the Permaculture Forums at Andrew founded a Natural Burial Cemetery, Herland Forest.


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