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Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens

The Ecosexual Manifesto 1.0 and Vows to Marry the Earth


Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle are life partners and artists based in San Francisco and a cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Through their ecosex art, theory, practices and activism, they aim to garner more love for the Earth and make the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse.

Elizabeth_StephensStephens’s work grew from her queer-focused multimedia installations, feminist photography projects, and body-based performance art. She is a Professor of Art at UC Santa Cruz, and an affiliate of UCSC’s Digital Art and New Media.  Additionally she is writing a Ph.D. dissertation in Performance Studies at UC Davis that explores how environmental performance art can help garner empathy and actions for the Earth.

Annie is a multimedia artist, pioneering filmmaker and sex educator. She started as a NYC adult film star in the 1970s and 80s, then produced, directed and appeared in her own unique brand of “feminist post porn films.” With a BFA in Fine Art and a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, she lectures at many colleges and universities about her life, her work, and about ecosexuality. For fifteen years, she toured her one woman shows to many countries, making her an internationally known performance artist.

AnnieOver the past ten years, Stephens and Sprinkle produced nineteen large-scale ecosex weddings in nine countries. They married various nature entities including the Earth, Sky, Sea, Moon, Rocks, Snow, Soil and others. Thousands of people have participated in their weddings. Their latest film, Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story is about mountain top removal coal mining destruction in Beth’s beloved Appalachian Mountains where she was born. Sprinkle and Stephens are about to embark on producing a new documentary film, “Here Come the Ecosexuals!”

Since 2008, Stephens and Sprinkle have been devoted to developing the field of Sexecology, exploring the places where sexology and ecology intersect, by facilitating Ecosex Symposiums, Ecosex Walking Tours, and Ecosex Workshops.

Contact: www.sexecology.org

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