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“Ecosexuality with Dr. SerenaGaia” on The Dr. Susan Block Show

June 13, 2015 Dr Susan Block and Dr Serena

Saturday, June 13th, The Dr. Susan Block Show will explore the burgeoning field of ecosexuality. Joining international sexologist and Bonobo Way author Dr. Susan Block in-studio live on the air will be Ecosexuality Movement Leader and co-editor of the forthcoming collection, Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, Dr. SerenaGaia Anderlini D’Onofrio. Lindsay HagamenEcosexuality‘s other co-editor will join the show remotely.



A Selection from Susan M. Block’s Foreword

“The Ecosexual RƎVO˩ution” 

SusanBlockCropHaving long appreciated SerenaGaia’s work, I sent her an advance copy of my own latest book The Bonobo Way. In turn, SerenaGaia  invited me into her sticky social web, a habitat ripe with ecosexuals—friends, lovers and co-conspirators—including her talented co-editor, Lindsay Hagamen, an organic farmer, eloquent writer and creative communitarian based in the Pacific Northwest. Lindsay’s hands-on Earth love emphasizes a deep acceptance of human corporeality which complements SerenaGaia’s transformative ecosexual vision with all the poly-brilliant colors of nature.

Now Anderlini and Hagamen extend their poly approach to this inspirational collection, inviting some of the greatest thinkers, writers, trekkers, teachers, hunter/gatherers, sex workers, performance artists, parents, grandparents and students of the contemporary Ecosexuality movement to come together in a vibrant literary orgy of ideas, essays, true stories, tall tales, marriage vows, love songs and dirty talk.

Yes, this book is “dirty” as an elephant mud bath and clean as a pristine Patagonian waterfall, a sumptuous feast for all the senses, including our sense of responsibility. We must take good care of our greatest, most polyamorous lover, the Earth, if we want to keep the love alive. This is heady stuff for most humans. We’re accustomed to anthropomorphizing the home planet as Mother Earth, our dear old long-suffering Mama who will always support us unconditionally even when we, her spoiled brats, abuse her.

Book Excerpts When the Earth is Our Lover

A Taste of Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle’s Vows for Marrying the Earth



Vows for Marrying the Earth*

Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

Earth, we vow to become your lover.

With these steps, let us reach your love.

. . . .

We promise to love you

until death brings us closer together forever.

We are consecrated to you, Earth,

through this dirt

that we will become.

[*] Reprinted with permission from

Book Excerpts Ecosexual Weddings

A Taste of EcoSexual Vows to Gaia on Playa Azul


SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio
and the Playa Azul Team’s
EcoSexual Vows to Gaia on Playa Azul


Dr. Anya Trahan: Invocation

We come to Playa Azul to bring the multiplicity and dynamism of our relationships to light.

The vital energies of the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean have conspired to create Playa. She is such a beautiful bride! The waves of the Caribbean caress the shore and the breeze whispers sweet words in her ears.


SerenaGaia and all Others: Vows

As followers of natural love: we recognize the divine essence of every human being.

As participants in EcoSexuality we extend this essence to all existence.

We connect our inner landscape and its multicolored chakras with the natural elements, the forces of nature that surround us.

We declare our love for the seas, the rivers, the mountains, the skies, the Moon, the Earth, the planets, the Sun, the plants, the animals, the microbes that makes us and other humans alive.

Book Excerpts Ecosexual Weddings

A Taste of Teri D. Ciacchi’s Eskare


Teri D. Ciacchi’s Eskare


I live inside the garden

vines twisting

gathering shapes

around the strength of oak, elm, ash

Hibiscus deep throated

slender stemmed

openings of scarlet

African violets dark furred leaves

lift round and fragile petals to the breeze

Orchids delicately scent the humid air . . . .


News and Updates When the Earth is Our Lover

A Taste of Ami Aika’s “Slowly I Walk Down”


Ami Aika’s “Slowly I Walk Down”


an internal restlessness

woke up and walked away

with all my good Christian sensibility

and apathy no longer could satiate me


Book Excerpts When the Earth is Our Lover

A Taste of Karen Hery’s “Open Wider”


Karen Hery’s “Open Wider”

Some days it feels like

The whole world is my lover

And Nature . . .

She’s my best lover of all.

She comforts me with her breezes

And steadies me against the trunks

Of her trees

And you, all of you,

You are my lovers too

Whether we want to admit to that

To each other or not

Go ahead . . .

Look me fully in the eye

And decide whether or not it’s true


EcoSexual Movement Websites About Ecosexuality

Institute of SexEcology (

SexEcology where art meets theory meets practice meets Activism

sexecology_headerHere, Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, avatars of the ecosexual movement, share their ecosex philosophy, public art projects, education and activist work.

On you can also find the text of the original Ecosex Manifesto, and read the latest news from the Institute of SexEcology on the SexEcology blog.


EcoSexual Movement Websites About Ecosexuality


SerenaGaia isthe Website and Blog of Ecosexuality Co-Editor SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD

Where author and co-editor of Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth shares her work, projects, and perspectives on Eros, Gaia and the arts of Ecosexual Love.

“Make love the ecology of your life!”

“Allow nature to inspire the arts of love!

EcoSexual Movement Websites About Ecosexuality

My Lover Earth

My Lover Earth (

The Ecosexuality Website of Lindsay Hagamen

Communitarian, farmer, ecologist and co-editor of Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth, Lindsay Hagamen, shares inspired thoughts on sexuality, ecology, community, spirituality, and more.