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Could Ecosexuality Change My Life?

A Review of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love 

Thalia Mendoza


What is ecosexuality? Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love presents ecosexuality as the idea that we are part of nature, and nature is part of us. This thought-provoking book introduces the concept that Earth is not our mother, but instead our lover. Ecosexuality is more than a sexual movement, it is a spiritual and social movement that refocuses our attention on being eco-centric rather than ego-centric, welcoming the inclusiveness of all things. Ecosexuality, the book, boldly suggests that if we treat the Earth as our lover and welcome inclusive love, society could overcome most of, if not our entire, social crisis.

Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, The Introduction, takes the reader on a beautiful journey that peaks our interest toward the idea of ecosexuality as a sexual identity and as a social movement. The narrative starts by explaining the deep history of the relationship between sexuality and ecosystems as represented in the personification of natural forces such as Eros, who is known as the energy that motivates all living things, and Gaia, who, represents Earth. Ecosexuality also presents the impact of seeing the Earth as spiritless and all sexual conducts as obscene. The authors are calling the readers to imagine how the the reawakening of this movement could improve our communities.

The text explains that ecosexuality is an umbrella movement that covers many areas such as lifestyle, art, and philosophy. This movement connects the environmental movement with the sex-positive movement, thus linking the understanding that consensual sex is pleasurable and healthy with the role that humans play as advocates of Earth and ecology. . This text encourages us to analyze the effects that this movement could have on the social, ecological, and economic challenges that we face today and could face tomorrow if humanity doesn’t find a spiritual connection to all that which surrounds it. Ecosexuality goes further to analyze the effect that relating to Earth as a lover instead of a mother could have on us, proposing that it could lead us to learn how to better give back to Earth, how to be one with Earth and all that inhabits it, how to share loved-ones, and how to see others as possible lovers instead of competition. This relationship could help us understand sex as more than just a physical act, but also as a form of communication.

This reading was incredibly thought provoking. As I read I found myself imagining the possibilities of having been raised in this ecosexual movement.

Could this ecosexual perspective change how I experience life?

The idea of seeing Earth as a lover is in itself a big change in our cultural understandings. I, like most, have been raised to think of Earth as a mother, ever forgiving, ever loving, and as the ever giver of all without question. The simple act of changing Earth to lover, implies that all of this changes, it implies that if you want a healthy relationship with Earth you should not take Earth for granted, but instead love Earth as Earth has loved you, and give to Earth as Earth has given to you.

It also questions the idea that lovers can’t be shared: if Earth is a lover, I share this lover with millions of other people,and if we all have this lover in common, then aren’t we all also possible lovers. This small statement changes everything; it changes how we look at and treat each other. Treating the Earth as a lover and all other humans as people with whom we share our lover could change our culture and our behaviors.

Connecting us all on a spiritual level, this simple idea of relating to one another with love could change a whole generation for the better. For communities around the world, it could save a lot of hardships. The core idea of the ecosexual movement, embracing the Earth as lover, has transformed my whole understanding of life and community.

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Inspiring #EcosexualLove for this Solstice Season: Special Offer 2-in-1

Dear Earth Lovers-

We wish you a season of ecosexual love as we co-create together a path toward an #EcosexualZeitgeist.

We have entered the time of year in temperate climates when Life retreats underground, into the dark fecundity of Lover Earth, to rest, restore and renew itself for the season of growth and change to come. As we synchronize our personal metabolism to that of Lover Earth, we too are drawn inward into a space of reflection and creative incubation.

This coming year is going to ask that we show up with a Gentle Fierceness, ever more embodying the ecosexual love that knows Nature as both Lover and Self, that practices consent as a way to undermine coercion, that understands pleasure is a path towards peace.

To support this time of rest and renewal, of drinking in nourishing visions and allowing them to strengthen and inspire your creative soul, we are offering both Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love AND  Gaia and the New Politics of Love for $20.


To take advantage of this special offer available through January 6th and share ecosexual love with your friends, family, or beloved self, follow these steps:


Go to Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love on Create Space

  1. Click Add to Cart
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  6. Complete Check Out

Enjoy giving these inspiring gifts to yourselves and your loved ones.

Enjoy the inspiration they bring to people’s lives when they transform fear into courage to invent together the new #EcosexualZeitgeist.

Imagine the partner we all share revive in this new zeitgeist and bless us with her ecosexual beauty, love, joy, and abundance.

Support those intent on that path with the inspiring gifts of #Ecosexuality and #Gaia.

Thank you!

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Drumming Toward an Ecosexual Zeitgeist

Dear Earthlings-

We know that fear and anxiety are swirling through the hearts and bodies and minds of many as we face an uncertain future.

We at #Ecosexuality encourage you to look at the wider horizon.  We asked ourselves:  What kind of transformations may this bring about, when new zeitgeist is emanating out of us, together?

Here we share our answer:

Toward an Ecosexual Zeitgeist: Transforming Fear into Courage

Diversity is the nature of being.

All nature, human and non human, is an aggregate of interconnected ecosystems.

Difference and repetition are the fractals that mirror the world of life where symbiosis drives evolution.

Respecting those different from us is a way to get to know ourselves more deeply, more fully.

It is done by practicing open mindedness and good listening.  It leads to a wider and deeper truth.

A way to embrace diversity in all its enchantment, beauty, resilience, joy, sustainability, collaborativeness is to practice ecosexual love:

What is #EcosexualLove?  The love that reaches beyond genders, and race, and ages, and origins, and species, and biological realms, to embrace all of life as a partner with important and enduring rights.

Now that the illusion of “American exceptionalism” is shattered, it is the time to act.

There are a million ways to practice #EcosexualLove.  Find yours in #Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love.

Here we offer one: “Transformation,” by Saffire Buchellion, where he evokes the divine magic of the sea in Yemaya.

Transform fear into courage through Yemaya.  This divine force so long denied is resurging.

We urge you to get inspired and energized and bring into being the world where love, integrity, pleasure and peace resonate widely !

Blessings and enduring ecosexual love.

Dr. SerenaGaia and Lindsay Hagamen

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EcoSexuality Featured on Sex and Happiness Podcast

How does Ecosexuality contribute to Sex and Happiness?

Dr. SerenaGaia and Lindsay Hagamen join Laurie Handlers on her weekly podcast Sex and Happiness for a lively exploration of the practical applications of ecosexuality in our every day lives.

Tune in to hear how Lindsay and Dr. SerenaGaia came to identify as ecosexuals, what it means to them to partner with the lands and waters they call home, and how nature can help heal the deep wounds of sexual shame.

Listen to the podcast now!



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Ecosexuality: Embracing a Force of Nature Part 4 of 4

Connecting with the Earth as Whole Erotic Beings

Every year, earth-lovers from all walks of life journey to the forests I call home on the plateau that descends off of Mt Adams for the EcoSex Convergence. singingInfused with a level of intentionality, sobriety and intimacy unusual for a summer festival, the gathering aims to build a regional community of ecosexual practitioners who support each other in the transition to a love-based, sustainable culture.

For many, these five days in the forest are a time to reunite with old friends, develop new ones and strengthen their personal relationship with the land. Others come drawn by the opportunity to teach and learn practical skills or to experience a place where sexuality is treated with intelligence and authenticity alongside conversations about food systems and gift economies. For some it’s a rare opportunity to be able to make love in the forest under the night sky or feel the primal energies evoked by the rhythm of drums and the light of fire. But for all, its a place where the wholeness of who they are is welcome and held by community, creating an all too rare experience where they are able to express their deepest longing, deepest sorrow, and deepest joy for the Earth we know as partner, lover and self.

For, only when we create a container that is loving enough and strong enough to embrace the erotic, do we create a container that is loving enough and strong enough to embrace all of Life itself.

Can we really afford anything less?

Part 4 in a 4 part mini series written by Lindsay Hagamen.

You can read Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

Part 3 here.


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Ecosexuality: Embracing a Force of Nature Part 3 of 4

Bringing Sexuality Back into the Sphere of Community Life

Like wind, water or any other force of nature, erotic energy moves through our communities, organizations and landscapes. It can be empowering and fireinvigorating, and it can be destructive and debilitating. Yet, rather than acknowledge sexuality as a force of nature that greatly influences every social endeavor, it is often cast aside as a private matter – as being of little relevancy to efforts to live communally, share power, deepen knowledge, develop alternative economies, pass wisdom down through the generations, and create a culture that respects all of nature and all those who call Earth home.

Isolating sexuality is foolish at best. Wendell Berry offers far more condemning words,

[pullquote align=center]

“the failure to imagine sex in all its power and sanctity is to prepare the ruin of family and community life.”


For sexual love lies at the heart of a community and ecological life, “it brings us into the dance that holds community together and joins it to its place.”

In embracing sexuality and erotic energy as an inherent part of our communities, and responding to the deep hunger we carry for intimacy in this time of such profound disconnection, ecosexuality offers a proactive approach that can heal and transform.

Imagine the World We Will Co-Create Together When We…

  • Meet our needs through deep intimacy with Earth, self and community, instead of goods and services;clownworkshop
  • Design our relationship networks with as much care and intention as we design our permaculture gardens and community governance systems;
  • Allow our love for this Earth to transform all aspects of our lives, including our intimate relationships;
  • Channel erotic energy to benefit the ecosystems we love just as we might channel wind, water and other energies of nature;
  • Engage with the Earth as a lover and partner who we tend to, care for, and respect in a mutual relationship where we give more than we take;
  • Be as intentional about sex as we are about what kind of foods we eat, which products we buy, and what plants we sow in the garden;
  • Allow pleasure to be a guiding principle as we engage whole systems thinking within our communities;
  • Allow ourselves to experience the sensual in nature and the nature in our sensuality;
  • Give ourselves in service to the lands that feed us, the ecosystems that keep us healthy and the communities that support us;
  • Love our bodies as ecosystems and our ecosystems as bodies.

Part 3 in a 4 part mini series written by Lindsay Hagamen. Stay tuned for more next week.

You can read Part 1 here.

And Part 2 here.

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Ecosexuality: Embracing a Force of Nature Part 2 of 4

The Emergence of a Raw, Naked & Earthy Sexuality

As the spectrum and complexity of sexual expression becomes more readily accepted, the veil of shame that has cloaked sexuality since the dawn of agriculture is slowly beginning to lift. Sexuality finally has the opportunity to be understood on its own terms. Far from seeing the erotic as obscene or sexual desire as offensive, philosopher Sam Keen describes eros, or erotic energy, as the motivating principle of all life; it is eros that drives the acorn to become the oak. Erotic energy exists in all of nature, and it moves through us and around us, intertwining us with all Life. Sexuality is a potent and precious expression of this life energy, and it represents our primal desire to merge with Life itself.sunrelax

This cosmetic-free and barefoot expression of sexuality is the adult child of the 1960s sexual revolution. Sobered by the prevalence of STIs and humbled by the rate of divorce and date-rape, intention and consent now take precedence over experimentation and drug use. Today’s hunger is more for authenticity and community, holistic health and sustainability and it translates into an acceptance that our bodies are born from this Earth. Gender norms slip away. Categories become cages. Nudity becomes nakedness.

[pullquote align=center]

Do not look away. This is who I am. I am of this Earth.


Embracing Earth as Lover and Self

The impulse to embrace the Earth –  wildness, bodies, sex, death, food, community, each other –  is simultaneously an act of love and instinct. The urge to ritualcircleprotect the very things that give us life is a basic instinct of survival. The drive to extend ourselves to others with courage and compassion in a time of crisis is love. As a social movement, ecosexuality emerges out of the deep place in our bodies that is retching in the pain we are are inflicting on the world – on ourselves – and is grasping for the only thing that can bring it to an end: the rapture and pleasure of humbly submitting to intimacy so profound we begin to feel the Earth simultaneously as lover and as self.

Beneath the complexity and confusion of the ecological, economic, political, and erotic crises of our time lies one simple cause – disconnection. What more intuitive or logical response could there be to a crisis of disconnection than to once again hold the things that actually matter so close that we can feel their beating hearts – our bodies, the earth that sustains us, the places we call home, the people we call community? For in partnering with a place and its people, we draw strength and sustenance, purpose and meaning. Perhaps enough to even heal our self-inflicted alienation from this embodied world.

The search for reconnection with the natural, the embodied, and the authentic is what drives many branches of the ecological movement today. Permaculture seeks intimacy with the living systems that provide for our sustenance. Rewilding aims to reconnect the inner and outer wild landscape, to embrace it and live within it. Fostering communication, trust and love with fellow humans so we can better live together is a focus of many intentional communities. Ecosexuality integrates all theses elements with an explicit invitation to come back into our bodies and embrace the erotic energy that animates us and all of Life.

The path towards such profound intimacy with land and community requires time, knowledge and ultimately love: we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not spend time with. It also requires skill, discipline and patience. Whether it be with tree, rock or person, letting another in, in their wholeness, requires that we suspend belief, let go of fantasy, and be exquisitely present.

Part 2 in a 4 part mini series written by Lindsay Hagamen. Stay tuned for more next week. You can read Part 1 here.

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Ecosexuality: Embracing a Force of Nature Part 1 of 4

[pullquote align=center]

It is only when we deal with the dis-eased character of modern sexuality and the ecological crisis as a single problem that is rooted in an erotic disorder that we can begin to discover ways to heal ourselves of our alienation from our bodies and from nature.

– Sam Keen



Contact! Contact! Who are we? Where are we?”  Henry David Thoreau’s words ring just as true now as they did when he wrote them up on the highest sunmountain in Maine over 150 years ago. Permaculture – rewilding – ecosexuality – these may be terms that resonate more strongly with today’s crowd, but the urge is the same: a calling to immerse oneself in the raw forces of nature, to remember that being human means we are part of this Earth, and to relearn how to draw our sustenance and nourish our souls from the very places we call home.

In an age dominated by individual isolation, virtual reality and the information economy, the hunger to partner with Life in its eternal dance and to experience the depth of real human connection is palpable.  The primal energies of nature are as alluring as they are frightening, they invigorate us as much as they humble, they show us how fragile it is to be made of flesh and bone. Beneath the superficiality of the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts, the soul of the millennial generation is crawling, naked and knowing, across the forest floor seeking the marrow that can nourish it back to life.

There is a movement underfoot. Alongside the software programmers and coffee-shop baristas, there are those who are returning to the forests, building with cob, practicing permaculture, creating community, sipping on bone broth, tanning hides and fermenting everything from fruit and veggies to milk and grains. Thousands of young women across the country are meeting on the new moon to honor the cycles of their blood, others are embracing the wildness and sacredness of their sexuality, still others are practicing as herbalists, midwives, death doulas and as other practitioners of traditional arts.

You could chalk this up to youthful exuberance or a primitive backlash against the sterility of cubicle life, but I think that this trend strikes at a vein that runs deep into the human psyche. Ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution, nature writers have grasped at words for our relationship with this Earth – a relationship they describe with increasing intimacy the further it slips out of our outstretched hands.

Standing amidst the towering trees and exalted rock faces of Yosemite in the early 1900s, John Muir exclaimed that “no holier temple has ever been earth_heartconsecrated by the heart of man.” For Aldo Leopold in the 1940’s, the relationship focused on engaging with the land “as a community to which we belong.”

By the early 1990s, Wendell Berry described his experience with the land he called home in far more intimate terms: “bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh.”  And it was Terry Tempest Williams who cut through any remaining artifice to urge activist, academic and farmer alike to remove our masks and “admit we are lovers, engaged in an erotics of place.” Adding, as if to give us permission to acknowledge what we already know in our bones to be true,

[pullquote align=center]

There is nothing more legitimate and there is nothing more true…We love the land. It’s a primal affair.


Part 1 in a 4 part mini series written by Lindsay Hagamen. Stay tuned for more next week.

Ecosexual Communities Ecosexual ReLOVEution News and Updates Sensheant Interview Series

11 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

Sensheant Magazine Interviews Lindsay Hagmen and Dr. SerenaGaia, Cont’d . . .

Q #8

SM: Throughout your intro, you seamlessly point us to our next movement of consciousness. I’m in! I’m convinced! We’re claiming our sexuality and autonomy, taking better care of our bodies, expanding our notions of what love (and spirituality) can be. But we’ve left out much of community (other than us fighting for the rights of others for their sexual safety and expression) and ecology has stayed completely out of the picture as a bedfellow. Moving past fantasy, after having compiled these leaders’ works, can you map out our ecosexual terrain twenty years from now?

SerenaGaia: Twenty years from now many more people will be living lives organized around the principles of intentional families and intentional communities. handsPeople will be sharing resources, including resources of love, at a much higher rate than they do now. There will be fewer resources due to the degradations of the environment produced by the extractive industries and savage capitalism. But people will be more competent in the arts of sharing these resources, and sharing existing resources will make these resources more abundant.

It is important for the ecosexual movement to expand horizontally and rhizomtically, forming networks that are resilient because they are multicentered and multifunctional. It is important to focus on ecosexuality as a practice that is symbiotic with practices that come from indigenity, social and racial justice, environmental stewardship, renewable energy production, tantra, permaculture, polyamory, fluid sexuality, and spiritualities that recognize the plurality, embodiedness, multiplicity, and ubiquitousness of the divine. It is also important to avoid excessive emphasis on identity and on consumer products in relation to

Lindsay: To continue with SerenaGaia’s train of thought, in twenty years from now, individuals in these chosen families and communities will be leading more emotionally, spiritually and physically fulfilling lives, lives filled with purpose and passion that grows from a close relationship to the Earth and each other. This handfasting2014-20emotional abundance will reduce the desire for consuming the commercial products that are destroying habitat and creating pollution.

There will be less “need” to buy this product or that product, and instead more time and energy will be spent in connection with the Earth, with each other, and our own creative and spiritual processes. There will be more awareness of the sacred instilled in Life itself and a desire to protect, with humble gratitude, this sacred Earth.

We will be seeing a significant shift away from being consumers towards being producers and creators: creators of our own food and energy, but also creators of our own entertainment, love and belonging. If the ecosexual movement is successful in its diverse and integrated efforts, love will be a renewable resource that flows freely through communities, inspiring care and attention for the lands that nourish us and for the many individuals who tend to those lands.


Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love.

Edited with an Introduction by SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio and Lindsay Hagamen. Puerto Rico: 3WayKiss through CreateSpace, June 2015.

Post 11 of 11 in the The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution Series.

Check out the whole interview series and read Lindsay and Dr. SerenaGaia answers to Sensheant’s salacious and deep probing questions.

Enchanted with pictures like the one above?  Find them in Ecosexuality, Kindle edition, with Photo Gallery, find it here.

We gratefully acknowledge Rebecca Church and her team at Sensheant Magazine.  This interview will appear in a forthcoming issue.  We send our warm thanks to our interviewer, Cynthia Spence, and congratulate the team on their beautiful and brave initiative.  Connect with Sensheant here.

Announcements EcoSex: A ReLOVEution for the Wild Events News and Updates

Announcing EcoSex: A ReLOVEution for the Wild: Proposal for an Event Series

Beloved Hosts and Venues:

Are your listeners feeling numbed by civilized monotony?  Are they longing for natural ways to combine sexual health and happiness?  #Ecosexuality can jazz them up!  Will you allow nature to inspire the arts of love in all your community?

As co-editors and authors of Ecosexuality (2016), we are seeking venues that are intent in co-creating a global vision of inclusive and regenerative love, freedom, and health on Earth.

We have a message that can resonate widely with your community.  Ecosexuality is a powerful way to connect more deeply with the partner we all share: the Earth. The first collection on this topic, our book is available in paper and kindle.

We have enjoyed tremendously speaking together about our passion.  You’re welcome to check our recent joint interview for Make Love Week.

We have now designed a talk where we speak enthusiastically about our collaborative work and share how we found our source of ecosexual love: EcoSex: A ReLOVEution for the Wild.  Check it out.  Enjoy!

EcoSexBook-FrontCoverWe write with an offer to speak at your venue.  How can we best serve your community?  We feel that our message is urgent in the current social and political climate replete with fresh energies of change.  In the next speaking season, we will consider keynotes, panels, video conferences, podcasts, and other options that involve long distance and/or physical presence.  Which one would work for you?  We hope you will extend to us an invitation.  Thank you!

In the next few weeks, we are available to talk about this collaboration further.  We’d like to discuss how hosting us can benefit your people.  Please let us know what possibilities come to your mind, and what questions we can answer for you.  We look forward to hearing back soon.  We can be reached by email, Facebook, text or phone: Serena 787 538 1680, Lindsay 413 325 3383.  Thank you!

Lindsay and Serena

Lindsay Hagamen
Co-Creator of the Ecosex Convergence
President of the Windward Foundation, WA
Dr. SerenaGaia
aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality; A Symposium

Author and editor of multiple books including:
Ecosexuality (collection, 2015), Bi-Topia (collection, 2011), Bisexuality and Queer Theory (collection, 2011), Gaia (theory, 2009), Eros (memoir, 2006), Plural Loves (collection, 2005), Women and Bisexuality (collection, 2003), The ‘Weak’ Subject (theory, 1998)