Ecosexuality when nature inspires the arts of love

Get a taste of Ecosexuality

and explore its four sections.

Foreword and Preface

Where Susan M. Block explains the significance of this book and where SerenaGaia invites everyone to enjoy Ecosexuality.


Where Lindsay and SerenaGaia tell you all about their joint inspirations.

When the Earth is Our Lover

 Where contributors explore the wide ranging personal and cultural impact of relating to the Earth as a beloved.

Ecosexual Weddings: Gender Meet Body Meet Ecosystem

Where contributors suggest that the ecological crisis may be reshaping how we view and express partnership, with the role that genders, races, numbers, orientations, origins and others variants play in forming partnerships becoming integrated with ecosystemic health and planetary care.

Ecosexual Love as a Resource for Social Change: From Sexual Sovereignty to Intentional Community

Where authors uphold the revolutionary power of sexual sovereignty and small-scale land-based communities to create lasting cultural change.

An Orgasmic Earth

Where authors propose sexuality and orgasm as an organizing principle for all of life and the Earth itself.