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Dave Wheitner

Contributed Pieces: Poems ‘Blackberry Dusk’ & ‘At Season’s Playful Edges

dave-wheitnerDave Wheitner works with high-potential, conscious people to clarify and create the results they desire through his life coaching practice.

An award-winning author, his books include Naked Idealism, a self-empowerment guide for socially and ecologically conscious people, and The Snuggle Party Guidebook, a primer on increasing nourishing touch and creating touch-positive community. The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook and The Vegan Chocolate Seduction Cookbook blend sensuality and culinary creativity.

His formal training includes a psychology degree from Yale, graduate degrees in Counseling and in Public Policy and Management, Certified Life Coach training, and additional courses and workshops in sexuality.

Past projects include co-authoring a large study on environmental public health tracking and blogging about visits to ecocommunities and green homes. His hobbies include music composition and many outdoor activities.

He blogs on a range of topics at, and may be reached through the contact page there. You can also connect with him via Facebook and Google+.

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