Ecosexual Coming Out Day – May Day as Day of Love and Ecosexual Solidarity

Ecosexual Coming Out Day – May Day as Day of Love and Ecosexual Solidarity

It’s Coming! Ecosexual Coming Out Day is May 1st!

Are you dirty and proud!?!

Coinciding with Beltane — the Pagan Fertility Festival — and International Worker’s Day, Ecosexual Coming Out Day is a day for Earth Lovers and Lovers of the Wild around the world to stand proud together and celebrate our life-long love affair with the Earth.

Indeed, the first Maypole dance in North America was in 1627 in Merrymount, MA.  According to historian Peter Linebaugh, it was a reLOVEution of sorts, where local colonists, runaway servants, some former slaves and indigenous people danced around the maypole chanting, together, “Hooray, hooray, the 1st of May, outdoor loving begins today!”*

Terry Tempest Williams said it beautifully, again, only 25 years ago.  It still rings just as true and just as powerful today:

“It is time for us to take off our masks…and admit we are lovers, engaged in an erotics of place. Loving the land. Honoring its mysteries. Acknowledging, embracing the spirit of place—there is nothing more legitimate and there is nothing more true. That is why we are here. That is why we do what we do…We love the land. It is a primal affair.”
The Erotics of Place: Yellowstone

For many around the world, May Day marks the transition out of the depths and cold of winter and into the abundance of the growing season. It’s a time of hope for the season to come. It’s a time for celebrating the fertility and fecundity in the soils and in our own bodies. It’s a time of year for productive collaboration with the soil and the sun to create nourishment for our communities for the year to come.

For many around the world, May Day is a day of celebration of nature AND of labor solidarity!  Solidarity among the people of all colors, genders, ages, orientations, and origins: people who are tired of being expropriated of the fruits of our labor and of our true identity as earth lovers.  That’s where the “green/eco” and a “red/socialist” aspects to May Day coincide.  It happened in late 19the century in the Hay Market of Chicago, when the free-love anarchist Emma Goldman was around.  That’s where the eight-hour movement started.  Eight hours for work, eight for sleep, eight for play.  Yes, PLAY!  You heard it right.  Not production.  Not consumption.  PLAY!  FUN!  JOY!  ORGASM!  That’s what the eight-hour movement wanted.  It was repressed in Chicago by police brutality.  But it went world wide.  That’s why May Day is a respected holiday and day of labor solidarity in so many countries!

Ecosexuality supports and encourages people to return their love to the ecosystems that nourish us.  In so doing, we can engage in a creative partnership with the Earth that enables us to harvest the fruits of our own labors, rather than investing our time, heart and energy into a corporate culture that undermines the living Earth.

Ecosexuality calls for a culture of creativity rather than a culture of consumption, a culture that produces abundance in collaboration with the Earth — be it in the form of healthy food, clean water, renewable energy, art, pleasure, orgasms or love.


Are you drawn towards this vision of creative abundance? Harvesting the fruits of your own labor? Or immersing yourself in the sensual playground of the natural world?

Then take off your mask and declare your love for the Earth!

  • Interested in the ongoing history of May Day, green/eco and red/socialist style?  Find out more from this segment of Democracy Now!

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