Could Ecosexuality Change My Life?

Could Ecosexuality Change My Life?

A Review of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love 

Thalia Mendoza


What is ecosexuality? Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love presents ecosexuality as the idea that we are part of nature, and nature is part of us. This thought-provoking book introduces the concept that Earth is not our mother, but instead our lover. Ecosexuality is more than a sexual movement, it is a spiritual and social movement that refocuses our attention on being eco-centric rather than ego-centric, welcoming the inclusiveness of all things. Ecosexuality, the book, boldly suggests that if we treat the Earth as our lover and welcome inclusive love, society could overcome most of, if not our entire, social crisis.

Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, The Introduction, takes the reader on a beautiful journey that peaks our interest toward the idea of ecosexuality as a sexual identity and as a social movement. The narrative starts by explaining the deep history of the relationship between sexuality and ecosystems as represented in the personification of natural forces such as Eros, who is known as the energy that motivates all living things, and Gaia, who, represents Earth. Ecosexuality also presents the impact of seeing the Earth as spiritless and all sexual conducts as obscene. The authors are calling the readers to imagine how the the reawakening of this movement could improve our communities.

The text explains that ecosexuality is an umbrella movement that covers many areas such as lifestyle, art, and philosophy. This movement connects the environmental movement with the sex-positive movement, thus linking the understanding that consensual sex is pleasurable and healthy with the role that humans play as advocates of Earth and ecology. . This text encourages us to analyze the effects that this movement could have on the social, ecological, and economic challenges that we face today and could face tomorrow if humanity doesn’t find a spiritual connection to all that which surrounds it. Ecosexuality goes further to analyze the effect that relating to Earth as a lover instead of a mother could have on us, proposing that it could lead us to learn how to better give back to Earth, how to be one with Earth and all that inhabits it, how to share loved-ones, and how to see others as possible lovers instead of competition. This relationship could help us understand sex as more than just a physical act, but also as a form of communication.

This reading was incredibly thought provoking. As I read I found myself imagining the possibilities of having been raised in this ecosexual movement.

Could this ecosexual perspective change how I experience life?

The idea of seeing Earth as a lover is in itself a big change in our cultural understandings. I, like most, have been raised to think of Earth as a mother, ever forgiving, ever loving, and as the ever giver of all without question. The simple act of changing Earth to lover, implies that all of this changes, it implies that if you want a healthy relationship with Earth you should not take Earth for granted, but instead love Earth as Earth has loved you, and give to Earth as Earth has given to you.

It also questions the idea that lovers can’t be shared: if Earth is a lover, I share this lover with millions of other people,and if we all have this lover in common, then aren’t we all also possible lovers. This small statement changes everything; it changes how we look at and treat each other. Treating the Earth as a lover and all other humans as people with whom we share our lover could change our culture and our behaviors.

Connecting us all on a spiritual level, this simple idea of relating to one another with love could change a whole generation for the better. For communities around the world, it could save a lot of hardships. The core idea of the ecosexual movement, embracing the Earth as lover, has transformed my whole understanding of life and community.

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  1. It occurred to me today as an epiphany concerning the valued and embodied notion and vision of building, creating “the Beloved Community,” that inherent in this worldview to live into is the essential awareness and again, a conscious participation towards holding the citizens of such communities to in fact, he Beloved.

    So to have any authentic embodiment of the notion of a Beloved Community, holding, relating, affirming and creating belovedness as a way of being would be an essential foundation.

    I find myself drawn to loving as a way of being naturally expressing itself, embodying in sacred resonance with a sacred ecology of lover practices and rituals as a way of living out these beloveds communufying as such!

    So this beautiful publication provides such fresh yet very ancient Arts of Living in ways I can begin to breathe into.

    Blessed be.

  2. I found this essay soooo sensuously resonate with the forever kaleidoscoping ways of Love’s unending journeys and our own interlacing tapestries of the electric magic, mystery and mythic incomparable ecstacy of Mattering, Deeply, Together..

    “… for loving is the ultimate of experiences.”
    Leo Byscaglia, “Loving Each Other” (book)

    Link to ecstatic essay I wash to share here-

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