Ecosexuality: Embracing a Force of Nature Part 2 of 4

Ecosexuality: Embracing a Force of Nature Part 2 of 4

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The Emergence of a Raw, Naked & Earthy Sexuality

As the spectrum and complexity of sexual expression becomes more readily accepted, the veil of shame that has cloaked sexuality since the dawn of agriculture is slowly beginning to lift. Sexuality finally has the opportunity to be understood on its own terms. Far from seeing the erotic as obscene or sexual desire as offensive, philosopher Sam Keen describes eros, or erotic energy, as the motivating principle of all life; it is eros that drives the acorn to become the oak. Erotic energy exists in all of nature, and it moves through us and around us, intertwining us with all Life. Sexuality is a potent and precious expression of this life energy, and it represents our primal desire to merge with Life itself.sunrelax

This cosmetic-free and barefoot expression of sexuality is the adult child of the 1960s sexual revolution. Sobered by the prevalence of STIs and humbled by the rate of divorce and date-rape, intention and consent now take precedence over experimentation and drug use. Today’s hunger is more for authenticity and community, holistic health and sustainability and it translates into an acceptance that our bodies are born from this Earth. Gender norms slip away. Categories become cages. Nudity becomes nakedness.

Do not look away. This is who I am. I am of this Earth.

Embracing Earth as Lover and Self

The impulse to embrace the Earth –  wildness, bodies, sex, death, food, community, each other –  is simultaneously an act of love and instinct. The urge to ritualcircleprotect the very things that give us life is a basic instinct of survival. The drive to extend ourselves to others with courage and compassion in a time of crisis is love. As a social movement, ecosexuality emerges out of the deep place in our bodies that is retching in the pain we are are inflicting on the world – on ourselves – and is grasping for the only thing that can bring it to an end: the rapture and pleasure of humbly submitting to intimacy so profound we begin to feel the Earth simultaneously as lover and as self.

Beneath the complexity and confusion of the ecological, economic, political, and erotic crises of our time lies one simple cause – disconnection. What more intuitive or logical response could there be to a crisis of disconnection than to once again hold the things that actually matter so close that we can feel their beating hearts – our bodies, the earth that sustains us, the places we call home, the people we call community? For in partnering with a place and its people, we draw strength and sustenance, purpose and meaning. Perhaps enough to even heal our self-inflicted alienation from this embodied world.

The search for reconnection with the natural, the embodied, and the authentic is what drives many branches of the ecological movement today. Permaculture seeks intimacy with the living systems that provide for our sustenance. Rewilding aims to reconnect the inner and outer wild landscape, to embrace it and live within it. Fostering communication, trust and love with fellow humans so we can better live together is a focus of many intentional communities. Ecosexuality integrates all theses elements with an explicit invitation to come back into our bodies and embrace the erotic energy that animates us and all of Life.

The path towards such profound intimacy with land and community requires time, knowledge and ultimately love: we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not spend time with. It also requires skill, discipline and patience. Whether it be with tree, rock or person, letting another in, in their wholeness, requires that we suspend belief, let go of fantasy, and be exquisitely present.

Part 2 in a 4 part mini series written by Lindsay Hagamen. Stay tuned for more next week. You can read Part 1 here.

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