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Book Excerpts When the Earth is Our Lover

A Taste of Isis Phoenix’s “A Romp with Queen Anne”


Isis Phoenix’s “A Romp with Queen Anne”

Hypnotized, I moved closer to the plant. Something about Queen Anne’s Lace always attracted me long before I had any inkling that she was a plant with deep and potent connections with feminine energy and the mysteries of reproduction. Growing up, I would often find myself standing by her, as if gently summoned to her stately presence. On family vacations, I had a tendency to walk over to her at road stops and run my fingers over her bird’s nest of delicate white flowers with the mysterious solitary crimson center that appeared even more vibrant in the summer’s sunlight.Isis_Phoenix

On this particular herb walk, before Kate, our guide, gave us any medicinal and common-use information about the plant, she invited us to speak with the wild carrot and open ourselves to receive any intuitions or information from the spirit of the plant. Having never actually had a dialogue with a plant before, I played along and followed my intuition as it guided me towards a tall statuesque Queen Anne’s Lace in the middle of the field. I stood before her delicate flowering top and, though I’d met her many times in my childhood, I proceeded with a proper formal introduction.

“Hello. My name is Isis.”

In that instant, I was swept into a deeply ecstatic state, as if meeting a long lost love. I felt my womb space open and expand, and the edges of my labia begin to tingle and become moist. A pleasurable wash of energy ascended my spine, and my mouth opened, releasing a sound that could only be described as an orgasmic surprise. I blushed and quickly looked around with sudden self-consciousness. The other women, however, were deep into their own meditation and did not hear my continued and very public pleasure-filled moan. My Goddess, was I having an orgasm in the skirts of Prospect Park?!

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