A Taste of Adam Kocurek’s “Ecosex Diary”


Adam Kocurek’s “Ecosex Diary”

Adam-PhotoIf one views the body as an ecosystem, as multiple parts working together in symbiotic harmony, the notion that one has a responsibility to keep the living, biological machine functioning well becomes very real, and acts as a powerful ecosexual incentive to maintain the health of the body. The body is not for the ‘individual,’ nor can there be any true individual if we are all composed of many other living organisms. One has a responsibility to every living part that makes one up, from the bacteria in one’s intestines to the well-being of one’s organs.

It is in this context, and in this mindset, I set about improving my physical state through diet changes, including attempts at living in a more vegan fashion, adding ‘green’ substitutes/supplements, and incorporating exercise into my routine. This mode of thought was heavily influenced by Lynn Margulis’ books Symbiotic Planet: A New Look at Evolution and Acquiring Genomes, specifically her particular outlook on bacteria and their symbiotic interaction with each other (passim).

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