A Taste of Walt Patrick’s “Engaging Ecosexuality: A Communitarian’s Perspective”

XXVII Walt Patrick’s
“Engaging Ecosexuality:
A Communitarian’s Perspective”

I’ve come to think of an ecosexual as someone who honors the potency of the erotic life force that flows through us and around us and chooses to focus this power through the lens of ecological stewardship. In this way, ecosexuals can use human connection to create resilient relationships that sustain them and the land that nourishes them. Sam Keen articulates a perspective, one that I share, that may well serve as the premise for ecosexuality, “It is only when we deal with the dis-eased character of modern sexuality and the ecological crisis as a single problem that is rooted in an erotic disorder that we can begin to discover ways to heal ourselves of our alienation from our bodies and from nature”(232).Walt_Patrick

For me, ecosexuality is a spiritual path, and unlike religions, spiritual paths don’t have a formal creed to which all must adhere. Even so, I believe that being an ecosexual challenges me to go beyond just caring about the intersection of sexual and environmental issues. For me, the practice of ecosexuality involves taking a principled stand that integrates sexuality and environmental concerns into a proactive whole. I come forward here to share something of how that practice unfolds for me.

Sexuality is a powerful expression of the life force that flows within us, and, as an ecosexual, I strive to focus that power through the lens of the ecosystem that supports all life, including mine. This focus amplifies the impact of my actions, increases the resilience of my relationships and builds toward creating the critical mass of sustainable systems that is needed in order to drive meaningful change.

The consumer system has tremendous inertia, and a credible effort to affect meaningful change requires an energy source powerful enough to overcome the runaway momentum of the consumer culture. In a time of diminishing natural resources, I see sexuality as a force powerful enough to empower the dream of social transformation. I believe that it is power that we can not afford to squander.

To me, being an ecosexual means that I am a sexually sovereign person who chooses to celebrate my sexuality in the company of others— others who share the understanding that when we select sexual partners who affirm life, we empower ourselves, those partners and the ecosystem that supports us all. This choosing expresses an understanding that those who are not committed to protecting their life support system are suicidal and should seek counselling. As an ecosexual, I have come to believe that it is in my interests to be sexually involved with, and only with, people who are also dedicated to healing and protecting the environment.

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