A Taste of Alexandra Mayer’s “Intimate with the Infinite”


Alexandra Mayer’s
“Intimate with the Infinite”

AlexandraMayerLike many ecosexuals, I have come to see the Earth as a lover, and not the one time “wow I regret that” lover, or the “this is casual and fun but I don’t really care about you” lover. No, Earth is the “you are a part of me now” lover; the type of lover that changes you totally and completely, the lover that encourages the best part of you to come out, the lover that can induce the most powerful and intense emotions…

I like to think of my journey to Patagonia as a journey to my lover’s toes, the unexplored part of my lover’s body. Patagonia is host to great biodiversity, but does not often receive the touch of humankind. Plants and weeds grow free of gardener’s clippers, mountains exist without the carve of paths, and water ebbs and flows apart from a myriad of boats. Patagonia and its inhabitants are wild and independent, out of humans’ control. In Patagonia, nature flaunts her crown to remind all of her power.

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