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Book Excerpts Introduction

A Taste of Anderlini-D’Onofrio and Hagamen’s “Introduction: Time for Ecosexuality”


An Ecosexual Fantasy


introphotoSo rather than maintaining such obstinacy or misguided hope, let us engage that large sexual organ that sits between our the ears. Let us, together, fantasize a better future into being. An ecosexual fantasy is not the kind of fantasy we keep to ourselves— it’s the kind we speak out loud to those closest to us. Let us make our ecosexual fantasy interactive, in real time and space. We can start by seeing this collection as the beginning of a shared ecosexual fantasy: a place where we ask you, dear reader, to imagine with us what kind of world we can create when we engage the fundamental relationships between body, land, sex, love, spirit, economy and community.

Here we offer some initial questions to stimulate thought: what if the solutions lie in creating abundance rather than in accepting sacrifice? What if the path forward requires holding on (to one another) rather than giving up (physical security)? Seeking wisdom rather than information? What about honoring the real and the interconnected as our ideals? Can we make courage and compassion, persistence and patience core values? As peoples of the West, and North Americans in particular, we know we hold a higher share of responsibility in the crisis. What would happen if we let go of the tired fallacy of rugged individualism to embrace the vision of working together in service of community, in service of the Earth, and in service of Life itself?

Imagine with us, dear reader, the world we will create when together we:

  • Allow our love for this Earth to transform all aspects of our lives, including our intimate relationships.
  • Allow our love for our beloveds to transform all aspects of our lives, including how we relate to this Earth.
  • Design our relationship networks with as much care and thought as we design permaculture landscapes.
  • Love our bodies as ecosystems and love our ecosystems as bodies.
  • Allow ourselves to experience the sensual in nature and the naturalness of sensuality.
  • Engage with the Earth as a lover, who we tend to, care for, and respect in a mutual relationship in which we give more than we take.
  • Practice love as an art.
  • Interpret raw sexual instinct as a talent to be trained into a skill that is practiced in order to meet our mutual needs for love.
  • Allow ourselves to practice lovemaking as a way to experience another’s pleasure as our own.
  • Love fluidly and inclusively.
  • Gather with those who share our values, work together to meet our collective needs, and create a life of simple abundance while caring for the land and one another.

As students and practitioners of ecosexual love, we believe that if we collectively make real the fantasy described above, we will have reason to hope that the crisis we’re now in will lead to a revitalization. We encourage you, dear reader, to open up the imagination. Let the fantasy ignite for, when these fantasies are experienced with all five senses, they transcend the imagination. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

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