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Book Excerpts When the Earth is Our Lover

A Taste of Gabriella Cordova’s “Reclaiming Our Erotic Nature”


Gabriella Cordova’s
“Reclaiming Our Erotic Nature”


Gabriella_CordovaThe green movement asked us to live closer to the earth, to be more connected to the natural world and to its cycles, and advocated a return to nature, to simplicity and to the simple pleasures; it asked us to want less and give back more. Okay, not a bad start. Planting trees and moving to renewable resources have been important steps.

But how can a species at war with its own nature be able to love nature? How can a species that doesn’t even cherish and protect its own, love and protect the earth?

The green movement omitted an essential concept: it never asked us to return to our own nature. It didn’t invite us back into our bodies. It didn’t invite us to enjoy the most abundant and meaningful pleasure there is, sexual pleasure. It failed to recognize that we are the most sexual, and by extension, sensual animal on the planet and that sex is a direct portal to love. Love for ourselves, each other, and all life.The green movement never suggested that we look at one of the building blocks of human culture, the nature of relationship, or that we understand the part of our nature that has been maligned, controlled, and subjugated— our sexuality.

The ecosex movement is different. The ecosex movement is adding to the green movement the recognition that sex is beautiful and life giving. It acknowledges that sex is a defining characteristic of life on earth.

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