A Taste of Dieter Duhm’s “Sexpeace and Greenpeace: Peace between the Sexes and Peace with Nature”


Dieter Duhm’s “Sexpeace and Greenpeace: Peace between the Sexes and Peace with Nature”

All dogmas and all structures that are too rigid are dams which hold back life. Any attempt at levelling life or forcing it into too narrow channels creates a subliminal reservoir of destruction and Dieter_Duhmviolence. Whenever the natural functions of life, such as pulsation, vibration, flow, rhythm, opening and closing, etc. are hampered by moralistic or technical violence, malfunctions and illnesses result. This applies to nature in the outer world just as it applies to our inner nature, and as it applies to a river in the landscape and to love. If a meandering and freely vibrating river is locked into a straight bed of concrete, it is deprived of its natural powers of self-healing. When Eros is locked into the straight concrete bed of sexual morals of the church or of matrimony, it too is deprived of its natural power to heal itself. Healing and becoming whole can start to take place as soon as our actions resonate with the functional principles of the living world. Biomorphism is a key word in discussing these ideas, which hold true outside as well as inside. SEXPEACE and GREENPEACE peace between the sexes and peace with nature. This is the framework in which the healing process toward a non-violent earth can take place.

Structurally speaking there is no difference between violence against animals and violence against humans. Animals are humans just like us. A cat’s curiosity, its high spirits, its joy of life are the same as those of a child, only at a different level of evolution. What birds sing or chirp is an expression of their spirit and of their connection to this world. An animal’s cry of pain is the same as that of a human in terms of its emotional and spiritual quality. The world is a community of living creatures imbued with spirit which communicate with one another and with the world as a whole in a certain way. All those creatures chirping, crawling, hopping and stretching are living beings just like us, only at a different stage of evolution, having been brought forth by a Creation full of spirit, equipped with curiosity, with a will to live and with the ability to experience joy. The spiritual and mental energy lines of the earth are not experienced exclusively by humans. They affect all creatures, at least in a rudimentary way. In all creatures there are basic qualities which we can characterize as either love or violence. Which of the two comes to expression, which of them comes to dominate real life, depends on the circumstances under which the individuals and the groups they form establish themselves. If we create circumstances based on violence, individual violence will result. If they are based on trust, then trust will result. The genetic code, the basic information of all life, permits either one to develop. Realizing this and taking advantage of it in a non-violent manner is the responsibility of every human being, for we are the eye of Creation and the reflective organ with which it can look at itself. Today we have the capacity to recognize these interconnections, because we have been formed by them and we keep reproducing them in one way or another. We are the source of political, ecological and sexual violence. And this is exactly why we are also the source of the means to overcome it.

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