A Taste of Rachel Adair’s “Unconditional Sensuality”


Rachel Adair’s “Unconditional Sensuality”

Rachel-Adair-EcoSex-headshotOur planet is a very sensual place. In every realm, the senses can be tantalized to the fullest extent. The key is to awaken ourselves to this vast expanse of enlivened ecstasies. Our current cultural norm has taken the human out of nature and made us feel apart from, separate— alien beings who are not in tune with what our planet has to offer. We’ve limited the types of vegetables we eat, the amount of species we interact with and even the amount of dirt under our feet. We live mainly through sight and mind as if we were simply heads floating around on a conveyor belt oblivious to the sensations that surround us.

Fortunately, I have not always lived with asphalt under my feet. I was blessed to have the experience of running barefoot as a child through the woods, growing with the trees and the family around me. But as I’ve grown, so have the cities and the sidewalks. I have felt the disconnection from my surroundings with the time I spend in the car, driving by the sights around me, buying food from the grocery store instead of harvesting it from the Earth itself. In the American culture in particular, we distance ourselves from each other, leaving the two-person carpool lane lighter than the single occupancy vehicles, shaking hands instead of kissing a cheek or two, not making eye-contact with the strangers we pass on the streets, or stand next to in line. It has become apparent to me that our connections with each other are equally as important and could possibly be a direct reflection to our connection with the Earth.

By awakening our senses, we facilitate the ability to give and receive at a soul level, connecting deeply with each other, opening into transformational unconditional love. By taking the sexuality out of sensuality, we can allow ourselves a safe place to explore and reconnect with the feeling of being cared for by another. According to Psychology Today, “Sensuality is, in essence, how in tune you are with your senses. Do you notice smells, textures, sounds? How sensual you are plays a key role not only in your sex life but in your overall ability to derive pleasure from life as a whole.”

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  1. Love it ! Your childhood experiences of running barefoot beings back similar memories for me.
    Shall we dance ? …. with pleasure, joy and celebration!

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