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Gabriella Cordova

Contributed piece: “Reclaiming our Erotic Nature


Gabriella Cordova was born to hippie/tantric/yogic/poly parents, and her upbringing was quite unusual. By the age of 18, she had lived in seven countries, spoke five languages, and had given birth – at home, with the help of a midwife and herbs. She birthed two more and raised seven children altogether, with a philosophy of no television or junk food. During her parenting years, Gabriella alternately lived off the grid – raising, preserving, and preparing 90% of her family sustenance – was a peace activist, a lactation proponent, a student, a business owner, a wife and a lover. Her passion for life, love, and all things sensual, compelled her to become a Tantra teacher, pleasure facilitator, workshop presenter, and organizer of events related to sacred sexuality, eroticism, relationship, and female empowerment.
She went on to open Amoress Studio, a yoga/dance/and event center, to produce ErosFest NW, a four-day erotic arts festival that included dozens of workshops. She founded Sex Positive Portland Meetup Group, which has now grown to over 500 members. She currently runs the Lotus Heart Center, an event space that hosts visiting teachers and holds workshops. Recently, Gabriella brought together a coalition of sex positive groups, Sex, Love, & Spirit that make it possible to bring big name authors and presenters like Christopher Ryan and Deborah Anapol to town. Along with co-producer Teri Ciacchi, she is the instigator of the Eco-Sex Symposium Portland, 2011. Gabriella is also a founder of Sex-Positive World.


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