Gaia and the New Politics of Love

Gaia and the New Politics of Love

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio

In Gaia and the New Politics of Love SerenaGaia presents a theoretical manifesto for ecosexuality, the new understanding of love’s inclusive erotic and amorous ecology.

Here are some of the book’s key questions:

Are ecosexuality and the arts of loving two sides of the same coin? If nature is a mother, can she be a lover too? What is Gaia? Could nature be a hostess? If nature is our hostess, can we acknowledge her by sharing available resources of love? When we share these resources, do we multiply them as well? Can each and everyone of us become a resource of love?

“Learning the arts of loving is key to accepting our role as Gaia’s guests. If we consider love an art, we can support students of love in developing their unique talents as lovers. Then we can transform fear into hope, scarcity into abundance, hatred into love.”

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