The Gift of Playa Azul

The Gift of Playa Azul

I cannot count how many people shared the gift of Playa Azul this May 14-15 weekend.

People of all colors, ages, sizes, genders.

People who were quiet and respectful of each other, of neighboring groups, of myself, of the service our janitors provide by cleaning the trash cans.

PlayaAzul2Having orchestrated this peace on the pointe, together with my neighbor, Frank Milton Ramirez-Fagundo is perhaps my most valuable gift to Puerto Rico.

Reclaiming public spaces as shared spaces for healthy fun together and for the appreciation of nature: That’s the ecosexual way.

My gratitude goes to those who at some point have sacralized this pointe with me, including Mirta Garcia, Anya Trahan, C Cordelia Raymond, Shaison Antony, Stacey Belle, Maria Sanchez, Susan M Block, Paola Pagán, Linda Maria Rodriguez Guglielmoni, Aristides Mendez, Karen Hery, Hector Martinez Rivera, Taber Shadburne, Andrew Trahan, and many others.

If we hadn’t done it, i bet over half of these people would be now in a mall breathing from air conditioners and spending money they don’t have. My estimate is at least 100 people enjoyed an alternative to that compulsive behavior just this weekend.

PlayaAzul3Ocean breeze, caressing waves, shady trees. What a great combination.

And it’s free! In a country that s bk, I think we are making a great social contribution.

We definitely deserve some special award!

It’s a pleasure, as I read my students papers this weekend, to listen to the amicable hustle and bustle of families that enjoy healthy recreation in nature.



Dr. SerenaGaia and her teams


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