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Goddess Judicci

Contributed Piece:
Revealing Beauty: The Tree & The Body

Goddess Judicci (Pen name, pronounced “Who-dÉÉ-chi”), “The Poet of the Body,”TM

is an intuitive healing artist, performer and self-trained visual artist who flourishes in an erotic, musical, spiritual universe. A series of ecstatic experiences via her primal artwork inspired the creation of a unique healing system that incorporates touch, talk, visualization, vocalization, breath, and percussion. Grounded in loving-kindness, joy and pleasure, these holistic treatments foster highly relaxed physical, mental, and spiritual states opening pathways to bliss, self-actualization, connection to the earth and Higher Power. Goddess Judicci enjoys over 30 years in the performing arts as a producer, administrator and performer. She has received major art fellowships and awards and represented world-class performing artists nationwide. Her articles have appeared in Inside Arts magazine, The Washington Post and American Theatre magazine and her papers have been read at international conferences. Her erotic poetry, stories and performances are seen at venues in NYC. Diverse institutions sponsor her lectures on the business of art and workshops in body-centered spirituality. Her primal carvings are hand-made from trees and found objects using no electric tools. The Goddess’ mission is to support and inspire the freeing of creative energy to heal and actualize potential. Her motto is “The more pleasure in your breath – the more breath in your pleasure – the more pleasure in your pleasure.” She lives in the Adirondack Mountains.

Contact: www.healing-goddess-judicci.com; www.youtube.com/user/GoddessJudicci

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