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Karen Hery

Contributed Piece: Open Wider

karenphotoKaren Hery studied poetry and communications at UC San Diego in the late 80’s, worked at radio stations and settled into Silicon Valley in the 90’s. As a volunteer with Latino, Asian and African American youth, she was invited into Maiko Drum and Poetry group where from 2002-2006 she created performance poetry pieces for school groups, community celebrations, and fund raisers in the Bay Area and Salinas Valley.

“Open Wider” marks her arrival into the Ecosexual movement and the Living Love Revolution in the Northwest, where she shares poems that express the ecological and economic urgency of this time. She sees a need to address our relations with each other and the earth in a more evolved, sensual and sentient way.

Karen has lived in Portland Oregon since 2006. She travels throughout the West Coast annually offering poetry performances from San Diego to Seattle in support of Ecosexual awareness and the annual Surrender: EcoSex Convergence.

Karen is the founder of the Swap and Play movement centered in Portland and featured in Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)’s Clever Voices, Clever Choices program. She is also President of the Know Your Neighbors Foundation that raises money for inner SE Portland youth programs while supporting valuable local businesses.

She writes regularly for Portland’s Southeast Examiner community newspaper and supports the Windward Sustainability and Research Center in Washington.

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