L’akea Permaculture Community

L’akea Permaculture Community (www.permaculture-hawaii.com/)

The Big Island of Hawaii.

L’akea is a small, family style, egalitarian, intentional permaculture community on the big island of Hawai’i.

We are a committed group of people working together closely as a means to health, relationship vitality, economic stability, personal and spiritual growth. We integrate the social aspects of sustainability into daily life: how to live together with honesty, love and peace, and share power and leadership.

Through our non-profit organization, La’akea Permaculture Education Programs, we host conferences and events relating to permaculture, and run ongoing farm support opportunities and intensive month long internship programs three times a year.

Staying with us is a vibrant immersion in our community lifestyle, and many visitors find it transformative and life changing. If you are on the Big Island, give us a call and come visit for a few hours, or days, and take a tour of our land and gardens.

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