Let’s Make Love — An Ecosexual ReLOVEution!

There is something really exciting happening this month and we want to invite you all to participate with us!SerenaLindsay_MLW

What is your #1 complaint about your sex life, love life or relationship?

Sex and sexuality sure are complex. And yet every time we walk outside, we are reminded that the Earth is the source of our vital sexual energy. Do you feel connected to this lover we all share? Do you remember to love the Earth we all make love on?

We are all impacted by societal messages, cultural conditioning, past relationships and childhood memories. So how has your past influenced your present when it comes to love, sex and relationship?

For those of you who have experienced sexual repression, abuse or trauma, how do you ignite authentic sexual expression and create healthy relationships? We have found great inspiration in the ecosexual movement to help heal ourselves in a way that makes us more available for love and full self-expression. We are delighted to share some of this with you.

As part of the Ecosexual ReLOVEution, we all need to collectively raise awareness on these issues that keep people from loving; and from having a great sex life, too. By first reconciling the past, and making peace with the present, you too can move forward positively into the future. And you can offer your love more fully to the Earth, the ecosystems and human communities that surround you.

We are proud to be participating experts in a weeklong telesummit called Make Love Week: Keeping Love (and Sex) Alive!


Co-hosted by colleagues and friends, Robyn Vogel and Dr. Martha Tara Lee, this 7-day program runs May 14-21 and includes interviews with 14 experts (including ourselves!) plus a supportive Facebook community to answer all of your questions.

We are going to put Make Love Week on the map!

This is your invitation to Make Love for the entire week of the program! In any and all forms (whatever that means to you – coupled or single.)

Look for our interview with Martha Tara Lee: The Ecosexual ReLOVEution: Creative Partnerships across Erotic Distances.

Join us now!
With abundant ecosexual love,

Lindsay Hagamen and Dr. SerenaGaia

P.S. If you don’t already know… May is National Masturbation Month in the United States. There’s really no reason why you won’t want to be making love with us this week! Sign up and you’ll hear a lot more!

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