Co-Editor of Ecosexuality  “Introduction,”

Contributed Pieces:  ‘Earth, Body, Body Earth

& ‘Till Death Brings Us Closer Together Forever

Lindsay_Hagamen2Lindsay Hagamen is dedicating her life to creating a culture where we can live freely and love fully as we tend to and care for our only home, this Earth. With the land as inspiration and guide, Lindsay has lived in community for over a decade.

Inspired by her love for the natural world, Lindsay studied Ecosystem Nutrient Cycling and Community Land Management at Brown University. This work brought her to regions where, amidst extreme ecological richness and profound economic poverty, she witnessed the creativity, wisdom, and strength of human community when it is deeply connected to the environment that directly supports it.

Her interest in building sustainable community has led Lindsay to explore the heart of human connection – sexuality. She firmly believes that in order to live well with nature we need to live well with our own human nature; healing and embracing our sexuality creates the only foundation from which we can create whole-cloth solutions for an ecologically sustainable culture.

Lindsay knows from personal experience that if we embrace our sovereignty to create voluntary networks of trust to tend to life and the living, we can cultivate a life filled with passion, purpose and the power to make change.

Lindsay is the co-creator of Surrender: the EcoSex Convergence, and gives workshops and presentations throughout the Pacific Northwest on ecosexuality, community, and land-based living.