Kamala Devi’s “Ecosex Sutras”

The earth talks to me. She whispers deep and dirty thoughts into my ear when I meditate in nature. . . . .   My greatest ambition is to wrap my legs around the world. You know you’re ecosexual when … [Read More]


Veronica Monet’s
“Ecosexuality: Orgasm as an Antidote to a Mean World”

Orgasms in the Womb? Recent research has made it clear that at least some babies masturbate to the point of orgasm while they are still in the womb. An ultrasound image of a masturbating male fetus was popularized online by … [Read More]


“What’s Sexuality Got to do With Ecology?”
Teri Ciacchi, Sarah Heartsong, and Christina Dietrich

Sex, Gender… EcoSexual! How one thinks about sex, gender, and biology is relevant to and informs the ability to create a holistic and ecologically sustainable culture that no longer tolerates Earth’s ecological devastation. If the premise is accepted that … [Read More]


Yemisi Ilesanmi’s “Mother Nature: My Explosive Lover!”

Mother Nature Beautiful you are You smile and I waver You kiss and I quiver . . . . . Your magical fingers The waves conjures Your tsunamic orgasm Blows high and mighty Many cry and scream As you explode … [Read More]