“Open Wider” by Karen Hery 

Karen Hery’s  poem “Open Wider”  [Read More]


Ecosexual Awakening”  by Charles Eisentstein

Charles Eisenstein’s “The Ecosexual Awakening”   It might seem that Earth has been an over-indulgent parent, giving and giving past its capacity and letting its youngest child trample all over it, to the point where its own survival is in [Read More]


Lindsay Hagamen’s “Earth, Body, Body Earth”

Lindsay Hagamen’s “Earth, Body, Body Earth”   Once, I fought my body. I fought my nature and thought I could win. I was foolish. I was trying to escape reality and I did a pretty good job of it for …[Read More]

“Slowly I Walk Down” by Ami Aika 

Ami Aika’s “Slowly I Walk Down” [Read More]


Adam Kocurek’s “Ecosex Diary”

Adam Kocurek’s “Ecosex Diary” If one views the body as an ecosystem, as multiple parts working together in symbiotic harmony, the notion that one has a responsibility to keep the living, biological machine functioning well becomes very real, and acts … [Read More]


Alexandra Mayer’s “Intimate with the Infinite”

Alexandra Mayer’s “Intimate with the Infinite” Like many ecosexuals, I have come to see the Earth as a lover, and not the one time “wow I regret that” lover, or the “this is casual and fun but I don’t really … [Read More]


Isis Phoenix’s “A Romp with Queen Anne”

Isis Phoenix’s “A Romp with Queen Anne” Hypnotized, I moved closer to the plant. Something about Queen Anne’s Lace always attracted me long before I had any inkling that she was a plant with deep and potent connections with feminine …[Read More]


Gabriella Cordova’s “Reclaiming Our Erotic Nature”  

The green movement asked us to live closer to the earth, to be more connected to the natural world and to its cycles, and advocated a return to nature, to simplicity and to … [Read More]



Hagamen and Schreiber’s
“‘Till Death Brings Us Closer Together Forever:
Reuniting With Our Lover Earth”

The love an ecosexual has for the Earth is a corporeal affair. It is carnal. It is primal. It arises from our attraction to that … [Read More]


Ecosex Manifesto 1.0”
by Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

Ecosex Manifesto 1.0” by Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle [Read More]