David Wheitner’s “At Season’s Playful Edges”

Fall’s cool, breezy greeting dances flowingly, blowingly over my lips Carrying away one breath just as it brings another. The autumnal equinox signals the bountiful harvest In all its vibrant colors, its juicy flavors, its sensual textures. The anticipation of …[Read More]


Rachel Adair’s “Unconditional Sensuality”

Our planet is a very sensual place. In every realm, the senses can be tantalized to the fullest extent. The key is to awaken ourselves to this vast expanse of enlivened ecstasies. Our current cultural norm has taken the human … [Read More]


Robert Silber’s
“Ecosexuality and the Conscious Sensuality Approach”

My Journey from Eco-Warrior to Conscious Sensuality Teacher For years I worked in the environmental and political realms and even though I was successful in my career, I felt frustrated by the fact that many people seemed blind to the … [Read More]


SerenaGaia’s “Talking with Gaia:
What Is Ecosexual Love?”

Why this dialog? Serena and Gaia are two parts of me that speak together. . . . The dialog is the vanishing point where they become the same.  This happens to all of us. That’s why the dialog. It’s for … [Read More]


Mark Olson’s
“A Neuroscience Perspective on Thriving Relationships”

Compatibility Fisher’s research might suggest that a minimum requirement for a thriving relationship would be that all three drives of lust, romantic attraction, and attachment are present. On the surface, that scenario sounds rather perfect to most people. But … [Read More]


Joy Brooke Fairfield’s “POLY THEORY:
Making Meaning and Re-making Culture
through Rhizomatic Intimacy”

As a preliminary case study for poly theory, I want to look at this specific practice that non-monogamous people do. What do poly people do? They learn how to deal with feelings of jealousy. Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge this …[Read More]


Dieter Duhm’s “Sexpeace and Greenpeace:
Peace between the Sexes and Peace with Nature”

All dogmas and all structures that are too rigid are dams which hold back life. Any attempt at levelling life or forcing it into too narrow channels creates a subliminal reservoir of destruction and violence. Whenever the natural functions of … [Read More]


Walt Patrick’s “Engaging Ecosexuality:
A Communitarian’s Perspective”

I’ve come to think of an ecosexual as someone who honors the potency of the erotic life force that flows through us and around us and chooses to focus this power through the lens of ecological stewardship. In this …[Read More]