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Sabine Lichtenfels

Contributed Piece:Lilith’s Words: I Love Being A Woman


Sabine Lichtenfels, born in 1954 in Germany, studied theology. In 1981 she abandoned her career within the church, got divorced and started the innovative research for which she is known today. Her questions led her to a ‘social experiment’ called the ‘Bauhutte’ founded by Dieter Duhm, who became her partner. This research project based in the Black Forest had the aim to explore, through concrete personal experience, the basic conditions for peaceful co-habitation. Sabine’s focus became specialized in relations between genders–as a precondition to develop peaceful models of social living. Her steps towards melding the issues of love and sexuality into a spiritual and political framework became rather controversial. However she did not allow herself to be drawn from her path.

In 1988, Sabine created and guided the ‘Desert Camps,’ a spiritual school beyond dogma, including the investigation of dream, trance, and prayer power. In 1992, she started the Erotic Academy in Lanzarote. In 1995, together with Dieter Duhm and others, she founded ‘Tamera,” in Portugal, as a research and teaching center and a model for a future without war. Today Tamera is a thriving peace research center with more than 150 coworkers. Sabine has initiated a Sacred Landscape with a Stone Circle, power places and pilgrimage paths to connect to the divine feminine. She is director of the Love School, developing and sharing skills and wisdom for love, solidarity, and truth among the genders.

Based on her peace pilgrimages in crisis areas, and other actions to support peace in Israel-Palestine, Colombia, India and other countries, she became one of the “1000 women for peace” nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sabine is mother of two daughters and has three grandchildren.

Books: Rettet den Sex – Manifest von Frauen für einen sexuellen Humanismus (Save the Sex – Manifesto of Women for Sexual Humanism, 1988), Hunger hinter dem Schweigen – Annäherung an spirituelle Wirklichkeiten (The Hunger behind the Silence–Approach to Spiritual and Sexual Realities, 1991), Weiche Macht (Gentle Power, 1995), Dreamstones (1999). Available in English are: Sources of Love and Peace (2000), Temple of Love (2005), and Grace: Pilgrimage for a Future without War (2007).

Contact: www.tamerag.org; www.sabine-lichtenfels.com

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