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Sarah Heartsong

Contributed piece:What’s Sexuality Got To Do With Ecology?


Sarah Heartsong, M.A. was ordained in 1994 by her community and is on a nature-centered spiritual path, considering herself to be a Sovereign High Priestess. She began her study in 1992 of nature-centered spirituality with Wicca, Native American and Celtic spirituality with focus on feminist theology within the wider lens of comparative religions. Sarah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Religion and Global Studies from Pacific Lutheran University in 1994 and received an MA from NMSU in Communication Studies in 2004. She is an initiated Priestess in the Living Love Revolution and has experience in facilitation of many different types of ceremonies and rituals and is available for rites of passage, such as weddings, funerals and menarches, etc. She is also a Master/Teacher of Reiki and Tarot Spiritual Advisor. She teaches topics surrounding Sacred Sexuality to people of all ages regularly in her community. Although she lives currently between WA and NM, she is developing an Ecosexual retreat center with her partner in Washington.


Contacts: Email- heartsongwoman@gmail.com 

FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/heartsongwoman.

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