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SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio, Ph.D.

Co-Editor, “Preface” , “Introduction,”
Contributed Piece “Talking with Gaia: What Is Ecosexual Love?”


SerenaGaia is the sacred name of Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD. SerenaGaia believes that “a world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live,” and intends to create that world with her sacred activism. Serena first used the name Gaia to refer to her own character in Eros (2006), a roman à clef about her younger life. That experience inspired Gaia and the New Politics of Love (2009), a founding text of ecosexuality that applies the science of Gaia to human amorous life. SerenaGaia is a scholar activist and a participant observer in the communities she studies. Her other books include BiTopia (2011), Bisexuality and Queer Theory (2010), Plural Loves (2005), Women and Bisexuality (2003), and The “Weak” Subject (1998). She is working on Amorous Visions, a take on the nexus of Italian Cinema and ecosexuality; on Talking with Gaia: Dialogs about Love; and on Occupy the Heart, a play about initiations to ecosexual love.

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio is a professor of humanities and cinema at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez. In 2012-13 she was Research Fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute. Her keynotes include the Ecosex Symposium in Portland, OR (2012), the EcoSex Symposium in San Francisco (2011), the World Polyamory Association Conference in California (2007 and 2010), Loving More in New York State (2007), and BiReCon in England (2010). Her numerous peer-reviewed articles include studies of intentional communities. They are available at

In 2011, SerenaGaia taught the first multilingual course in Ecosexuality in Italy. In 2013 she taught the first college credit course in Ecosexuality at U Conn, Storrs. In January 2014, she aggregated the first plural wedding of ecosexual love in the Caribbean: Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You. She speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish. She is the owner of 3WayKiss, a non-profit dedicated to education and research in the arts of love.

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