Surrender: The Ecosex Convergence

June 17-21, 2015

“The Wild is an immense being of unimaginable depth who manifests as the many patterns and forms of the world but is beneath, between, and beyond the physical world that we see.”— Seda Joseph Saine

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Join Surrender: The Ecosex Convergence,
coming up on June 17-21 at Windward Community, in Whakiacus, WA.

Only a few days left for the Early Bird discount.

A great place to experience Ecosexuality, meet ecosexuals, and network with others in the ecosexual community.

Surrender is an annual 5-day gathering in the Pacific Northwest, USA bringing together wild souls who express a love for Life by stewarding and merging with the Earth through the whole of their bodies, minds and spirits.

Over the course of the convergence, participants co-create a space for deep grounding with the land in the sacred sensual prayer of life; opening their hearts to the Earth and to each other, they grieve, support, connect, celebrate, listen, learn, inspire, imagine and create.

Surrender was initially envisioned and birthed through the combined effort of Rev. Teri Ciacchi and Lindsay Hagamen.

Check out the list of Presenters this year.

Also, featured in the Program, a Special Feature: Panel with Authors of Ecosexuality.

Celebrate Summer Solstice with your favorite lover, Earth and all those who revere her with you!

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