The Windward Community

The Windward Community (

Wahkiacus, WA, USA

Windward is a polyamorous intentional community and sustainability research and education cooperative located on the eastern edge of the Cascadian Wilderness in southern Washington State, about 80 miles east of Portland, Oregon.

Initially formed the mid 70′s in the Nevada desert, Windward today is a small community of farmers, scientists, historians, healers, engineers and artists, guided by the understanding that NOW is the time for radical change, and that there is nothing more radical than creating and living a working model of a better way.

Windward is a small community, a tribe of lovers, dedicated to preserving and developing village scale technologies needed to sustain a thriving community on marginal land.

If you think that you might have the heart for this sort of adventure, you’re invited to read through our site make contact and tell us about yourself, your life journey and what it is about Windward that engages your interests.

Windward also stewards Herland Forest Natural Burial Cemetery, a land stewardship cemetery utilizing principles of permaculture and ecology.

You can read more about the ongoing journey of Windward on their blog, The Notes from Windward.

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