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Walt Patrick

Contributed Piece:Engaging Ecosexuality: A Communitarians Perspective


Walt Patrick is a founding member of Windward, a polyamorous intentional community that formed in southern Nevada in the mid 70’s and relocated to the edge of the Cascadian wilderness in the mid ‘80s. For more than three decades, Walt served as Windward’s lead steward and as a member of its board of directors.

The ongoing mission of the Windward community is to demonstrate how to sustainably feed, fuel and clothe twenty people on a hundred acres of marginal land. Over the years Walt has focused on the creation of the sustainable food, energy and social systems that are essential to the thriving of village-scale communities. This work has enabled him to gain extensive practical experience in the art and science of creating an ecosexual community.

Since stepping down from the lead steward role in 2011, Walt is focused on furthering two major projects: 1) B2M (Biomass to Methanol), a process which converts woody biomass into the various forms of energy (heat, power, and fuel) that an ecologically sustainable community needs in order to thrive, and 2) developing the concept of an ecosexual ecostary, an intentional community that embodies a sex-positive culture within the context of ecologically sound practice.


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