“What the… ?!” – A Primer on Ecosexuality

“What the… ?!” – A Primer on Ecosexuality

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By Katie Vincent, Orginally published on ecosexconvergence.org

Allow ourselves to experienceWhen Ecosexuals share their identity with the world, the response is often somewhere along the spectrum of blank stares and raised eyebrows to drool and hungry eyes. Some even surmise you avoid humans altogether and instead go about humping rocks and trees (well, as long as it’s consensual…). We know, friends. We know. And we’ve got your back.

To clarify and circulate the essence of ecosexuality to a more expansive network, our very favorite event organizers, Rev. Teri Ciacchi and Lindsay Hagamen, filmed last year’s plenary talk at the 2015 Ecosex Convergence. The edited result, entitled, “WTF is EcoSex and How Can it Get Us What We Want?”, is offered entirely free of cost and features many resources, along with a serious grounding meditation at the beginningWe encourage all Ecosexuals to watch and share widely with their networks!

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch!

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Seeing that the film itself spans 45 minutes, a few essentials are distilled below to help facilitate quick consumption of all the yumminess:


On Identity…

“Ecopsychology is the theory, ecosexuality is the practice. It turns out that identity and identity politics have a lot to do with what motivates people. A sense of belonging… [an ecosexual identity] will make it easier for you to take a position about loving the earth. Then you can back it up with ecopsychology if you need the scientific cred.” — Teri

Engage with the Earth as a loverOn Partnering with the Earth…

“I consider [the Earth] my first and foremost partner… It’s the first and foremost part of my decision matrix: How do I spend my time? How do I eat? How do I nourish myself? How do I relate to other human beings? How do I use my erotic energy? The earth and life are the first and foremost filter through which I make my decisions.” — Lindsay

On Lovers…

“We need to know the body of the beloved Earth in the same way. When we have a sexual partner, we want to know every nook and cranny of their body. What gives them pleasure? What gives them joy? What scares them? What frightens them? We are being called to do the same thing with the Earth.” – Lindsay

On Rewilding…

“Rewilding is the return to primal human experiences: Sex, death, rage, joy, mother nurturance… the things our animal bodies want to express. They’re a part of human experience. We have been trained and socialized to repress and hide our essential nature… This is a place where we get to restore our primal emotional experience. We are big enough, mature enough and have enough inner resources or resources as a group to be with those feeling states. They are not going to destroy us. We need to be able to claim our wildness.” – Teri

Design ourOn Human Relationships…

“If we are engaging with the earth as a partner, that means we all share a partner. And we are metamors: We love the same entity. And so then it invites us… to seek connection with each other instead of distance because we share a love.” — Lindsay

On Ritual…

“[Bill Plotkin] says we need to be together and sing and chant and play drums and dance and fuck in the woods and do magic together because it speaks to a different part of ourselves than beta-focused [dualistic] consciousness. So that’s what we’re here to do. To use these [ritual] technologies to activate an initiation in us so that we can grow up and have adult-adult relationships with our lover the earth who is also our mother in some ways.” — Teri

Watch the film below to find out more about “motherfucking,” environmental activism, collective unconscious, soul vs spirit, polynormativity, and so much more!

If would like to support the creation of this film and more films like it — please consider donating to Surrender:The EcoSex Convergence!  PayPal.Me/Surrender

Do the words resonate? Consider joining the Ecosexuality movement by either attending the 2016 Convergence, finding us on Facebook, or accessing some of the resources below.

Resources from the Film

Herlandforest.org – Natural Burial Cemetery
Sexecology.org  – Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle’s ecosexuality website
Serenagaia.org – website of co-author and editor of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love
ecosexbook.org – 1st worldwide collection of ecosexual writings

MyLoverEarth.org – website of co-author and editor of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love
Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin
Wild Mind by Bill Plotkin
Windward.org – ecosexual, permaculture community in southern Washington State
Livingloverevolution.com – Building community and social change around EcoSexuality and EcoMagicks.
Aphroditetemple.com –Aphrodisiacal Education Weekend Retreats



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